About Us in Brief

About Us in Brief

The role of an educational institution is in no way inferior to the many other factors involved in the holistic development of an individual. Christukula Mission Women's English Medium College, affiliated to APS (Awadesh Pratap Singh University), Rewa, Madhya Pradesh was established as a Golden Jubilee Project of the Christukula Mission English Medium School. Being the first English medium college in the Vindhya region, the establishment of Christukula Mission Women's English Medium College is a remarkable breakthrough in the field of education in thein the region. The college aims to develop self-sustainable, independent, self-sufficient individuals through its innovative system of education and training - basically women of promise for lives of distinction.


To provide a sustainable and conducive environment towards encouraging student's possibilities guided by integrity, innovation, creativity, quality education and support responsive to the needs of the community.


  • To help prepare outstanding, self-developed, creative individuals with innovative ideas and independence.
  • To help and shape students to meet economic, social, and other daily life challenges to become active participants in shaping the future of the nation.
  • Fostering a learning community where the values, goals and learning styles of all students are recognized and supported.
  • Keeping pace with global technological trends and enhancing traditional instruction with technology towards preparing students for their future work place.


  • To uphold value of education by developing professionally trained and educated graduates in varied fields.
  • To encourage students to realize the importance of being self-sustainable, independent, and self- sufficient.
  • To cater to individual growth and empower achievement of goals through self-motivation.
  • To prepare women students to face modern day challenges and enable them towards being self-reliant and technologically efficient and a promise for tomorrow.


The perfect blend of technology with education including curricular and co-curricular activities that bring out various possibilities in learners paving the way for the creation of the ‘women of tomorrow for lives of distinction’. The infrastructure facilities for the same include interactive white boards in classrooms, computer lab with high speed internet connection, e-library facilities, traditional library facilities, modern labs with the most sophisticated and modern equipment for the respective majors, multi-purpose halls, counselling centre, sports equipment, dedicated team of teaching faculty and non-teaching staff to cater to each student’s needs, and a wonderful well experienced management by well experienced hands.


To initiate and work towards establishing varied disciplines like – BSc. Physics, BSc. Chemistry, BSW, B. Ed to name a few- of study in the college and be a role model in quality education in the field of education in the region. The ground work for this will be taken as soon as possible and is partly in progress.


Oh! Lord! Creator of all things, true source of light and wisdom, shower upon us the ray of your light to guide us towards gaining wisdom, and lift us up from the ditch of ignorance. Give us good understanding, a retentive memory, and the ability to grasp things correctly. Take away all the sins committed by us knowingly and unknowingly towards You and other fellow beings. Give us the wisdom to distinguish the right from the wrong. Guide and bless those who guide us and this institution. May Your grace on this institution and its mission enable it grow to be a blessing for the nation and mankind as a whole.