Teachers play a pivotal role in every educational system and students look up to their teachers as their role models. A professional code of conduct and its practice is an important identifying feature of their profession.

Teachers remain the prime investment in good quality education. Hence, to keep up with our traditional values as teachers, members of teaching faculty shall:

  • Base their relationship with students on mutual trust and respect.
  • Have regard to the safety and wellbeing of students under their responsibility.
  • Cooperate with and have mutual respect towards colleagues.
  • Maintain good relationship with parents, however, avoid overindulgence in personal matters of students and maintain a good teacher student relationship with in the campus and outside, acting with a professional attitude and behaviour at all times.
  • Be sensitive to the need for confidentiality where appropriate.
  • Act with honesty, integrity, and fairness while in classroom as well as during assessment and examination times.
  • Punctuality in all respects will be highly appreciated.
  • Create an interesting, interactive environment in the classroom.
  • Be open and respond positively to constructive feedback regarding their teaching practices. Seek support, advice and guidance where necessary.
  • Be modest in your way of dressing and general behaviour inside the campus.