Terms and Conditions

Refund / Cancellation / Return Fees Policy

  • 1. Fees means the charges to be paid by each parent on account of their children enrolled as a student at CHRISTUKULA MISSION HR. SEC. SCHOOL, as per the agreed terms & conditions at the time of admission offered by the school.
  • 2. Fees schedule and charges are as mentioned in the latest fees communication issued by The School.
  • 3. Fees paid details needed to be intimated by way of an email to ismartcampus3@gmail.com
  • 4. If the Fee due date falls on a bank or centre/state/local government declared holiday the immediate following working day will be considered as the due date.
  • 5. Fees have to be paid for the full academic year or in Installments as per the schedule of payments once admitted as a student. Parents can opt to pay the full year’s fees in advance.
  • 6. No request for refunds of fees paid for previous periods or waiver of any past period dues or future payments will be entertained if the child discontinues with the school during the course of the academic year.
  • 7. All cheques/DD/Electronic transfers / Digital payment gateway are considered as received only after the realization of cash / amount settled in The School’s bank account.
  • 8. Receipts will be issued in the name of the student and Parents unless specifically instructed in writing.
  • 9. You are solely responsible for properly cancelling your account. You can contact support at CHRISTUKULA MISSION HR. SEC. SCHOOL to know the cancellation procedure.
  • 10. Escalation of non-conformance needs to be given in writing. All queries on Fees payment/outstanding/accounts to the addressed to (ismartcampus3@gmail.com)

What is the minimum age for a child at School?

Typically a child should have completed five years and six months by July (by the beginning of academic year) when seeking admission.

What is the fee structure?

The fee structure is NOT available online. Charges will be discussed with each family during the admission process. We hope that this kind of education is of deep importance to parents. Once we have had open discussions, we hope you can view it as a contribution to sustain the learning atmosphere. We have tuition charges based on the age group.

Payment of Fees:-

  • 1. Tuition fee is to be deposited in four installments as follows
    • a. 1st Installment between : 20th March, 2018 to 10th April, 2018
    • b. 2nd Installment between : 15th June, 2018 to 15th July, 2018
    • c. 3rd Installment between : 10th October, 2018 to 10th November, 2018
    • d. 4th Installment between : 15th January, 2019 to 10th February, 2019
  • 2. If you pay the full fees in one installment before April 10th, 2018 you will get a rebate of Rs. 300/-.
  • 3. No reduction is made for Holidays, Absence or Broken Periods.
  • 4. The Fees once paid will not be refunded.

How many children are there in each class?

Our classes are organized as mixed age groups with 40-50 children per class. Most classes have a 1:40 teacher student ratio.

General Information

School operates from 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM, 6 days a week and on all Saturdays a month. Weekends are community days when we have regular meditation and other sessions in the areas of self-work and teaching/learning. In addition, we often have learning activities to guide us towards holistic living.

Birthday celebrations: The whole school will sing for your child at assembly time :) You can send small chocolates in class.

The school has three terms running from June to March. Usually there are two breaks of about 10-12 days each in September/October and December.

Privacy Policy

  • CHRISTUKULA MISSION HR. SEC. SCHOOL promises to not share your personal information/data with any external/third party agency for marketing, sales etc purposes. We’ll send you an occasional update ourselves – but feel free to opt out of that as well.
  • For any concerns/queries, do reach out at ismartcampus3@gmail.com


In order to have standard quality and shade of the cloth, parents are requested to purchase uniform, tie, belt and socks from Market as follows:-

Std. I-VIII Cream shirt with checked Collar and school emblem, Brown checked full pant. Tie: Brown checked Socks & Belt – Cream Colour With maroon border Frock pattern, brown checked Skirt, cream shirt with checked Collar and school emblem. Tie: Brown checked Socks & Belt – Cream Colour With maroon border
Std. IX-XII Checked full sleeved shirt, cream Colour full pant, cream colour socks, Black shoes*, cream colour tie, black Colour belt. Checked kurta, cream colour salvar & Cream dupatta, black ribbon, cream Colour socks, black shoes*.


Std. II-XII White half/full pants.** House colour T-shirt White socks Tennis Shoes.* House colour T-Shirt White divided Skirt White ribbon, White socks, Tennis Shoes.*


Std. I-IV Cream coloured sweater
Std. V-VIII Cream coloured blazer
Std. IX-XII Coffee coloured blazer and coffee colour cap for Boys/coffee colour Scarf for Girls

* Bata
** Half pant is not allowed for Class VI-VIII