Chairman's Message

Perhaps the greatest ironies of modern India is that while the world around us gets smaller as we hurtle toward the concept of the ‘international citizen’, the disparity amongst the genders in the field of education has never been more severe. While at one hand we promote our society as one that respects its women, right from ancient times, when eves enjoyed equal, if not higher, status and power compared to men, the reality of the Indian girl child today offers a shameful contrast.

While the Indian woman has broken through the shackles of ignorance, calling the shots in corporate boardrooms or in the corridors of political power, too many of them still drown in the shadows, amid a society that often views the girl child as nothing but a liability. Studies have shown that India occupies a lowly 38thrank amongst 51 developing nations when it comes to female literacy, behind even our next door neighbours, including Bangladesh and Nepal.

The Christukula Mission English College for Women has opened its doors to remedy that very problem, beginning at the very heart of India, the Vindhya region. This institution, the first and only college for women in the entire region, is now embarking on this very mission of empowering our daughters, equipping them with the holistic training vital to prevail over the ignorance that has for too long shackled our nation’s leap into a world power. The revolution has begun at Christukula, right at your doorstep, and you can be a part of it.


Christukula Mission Women’s English Medium College, affiliated to APS (Awadesh Pratap Singh University), Rewa, Madhya Pradesh was established as a Golden Jubilee Project of the Christukula Mission English Medium School. Being the first English medium college in the Vindhya region, the establishment of Christukula Mission Women’s English Medium College is a remarkable breakthrough in the field of education in the region.

The college is the brainchild of a great visionary Very Rev. C. A. Varghese, the Principal of Christukula Mission Hr. Sec. School. His aim and vision to improve girls’ education in the region, observing the difficulties girls often have to face to study away from their homes, shows his profound concern for the society, is indeed commendable. The college thus aims to develop self-sustainable, independent, self-sufficient individuals through its innovative system of education and training – basically women of promise for lives of distinction.